Peterhead Football Club

Peterhead, Scotland

Visual Identity
Print Design

Stonewaller Magazine

Creative Direction:
Martin Duff

Lead Design/Artwork:
Martin Duff
A proposed visual identity aiming to commemorate the 130th anniversary Peterhead Football Club.

Peterhead—often referred to as The Blue Toon—is a town in Aberdeenshire, Scotland with an illustrious history in the fishing industry. It is understood that The Blue Toon nickname derives from the fisherman in the area originally wearing blue “woolen moggins” and/or stockings while at sea. This later informed Peterhead Football Club colours.

Football has been played in the area as far back as the 1870s, but in 1891 Peterhead Football Club was established by a number of enthusiastic fans in hopes of future glory. Since then the club has found moderate success in both league and cup competitions; most notably being crowned SPFL League Two champions in 2013/14, and again in 2018/19 to gain promotion to SPFL League One where they currently ply their trade. We wish them luck for the season ahead!

The visual identity itself draws influence from this rich history associated with the club and surrounding area of Peterhead; the font choice, in particular, pays homage to the decorative livery sometimes found on antique fishing boats. Harnessing this style to craft a succinct typographic roundel delivers an own-able club crest that is modern, but clearly rooted in simpler days gone by.