The name "Faith" primarily derives from the circumstances in which the studio was founded. At the time, Martin was feeling dissatisfied with full-time employment and battling ongoing mental health issues. However, he summoned the courage to take that leap of faith into the world of self-employment, despite uncertainties about the outcome. Thankfully the risk paid off.

The term “Faith” also encompasses the idea of complete trust or confidence in someone or something. In other words, the name Faith Studio strives to assure clients that they can feel comfortable entrusting their project to us. We ensure that every piece of work completed is conceptually sound and crafted to perfection. Evidence of this dedication is visible in previous projects and client testimonials, which can be provided upon request.

The inclusion of the word "Studio" initially aimed to avoid potential religious connotations and emphasise that this was a dedicated space for Martin to explore his creative discipline. Over the years, its meaning has evolved to symbolise the flexibility of the practice—capable of adjusting in size to meet project requirements, thanks to our expansive global network of trusted partners.
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