Amsterdam, NL

Niluk is a social networking platform that's dedicated to combating loneliness in society by facilitating connections among individuals who share common passions, with the ultimate goal of empowering each person to become a stronger and more fulfilled version of themselves. The brand is rooted in deep spiritual principles, encouraging self-reflection to discover one's true nature and fostering meaningful connections with others.

At the heart of Niluk's identity system lies a profound connection to the famous anthem "You'll Never Walk Alone," cherished by football fans across the world. This song is a powerful symbol of unity and compassion, bringing together supporters from all walks of life under the common banner of their beloved team.

In a sincere tribute to the emotional impact of this melody and the idea of being part of something bigger than oneself, Faith Studio has crafted a brand identity system for the Niluk team. This system incorporates visual elements reminiscent of the sporting world, like club crests, flags, and scarves, reinforcing the sense of camaraderie and shared purpose that Niluk members experience.

Identity Print

Typeset in Athletics by Family Type
Design by Martin Duff / Ioanna Kyrtatou

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