Other Echo


Amsterdam, NL


Other Echo, as an online learning community for music producers, bridges students with accomplished artists and producers via a user-friendly platform, providing a range of learning choices like courses, workshops, and mentorships. This versatile platform accommodates all skill levels and music genres, allowing trainers of varying expertise levels to deliver comprehensive courses from their own locations.

At its essence, the brand identity system embodies the role of a 'facilitator.' It confidently presents itself as a monochrome grid composed of linear shapes, inviting users to participate and infuse it with their own energy and personality.

The introduction of vibrant colour combinations and geometric shapes later transforms these linear graphic elements into a personalised and ever-evolving visual language. As a whole, it aims to maintain a balance between form and function, effectively visualising the dual creative expressions of the musicians it represents.

Identity Print

Typeset in Aeonik by CoType Foundry
Design by Martin Duff & Ioanna Kyrtatou

© Faith Studio