Quinton House


Utrecht, NL


Quinton House on Utrecht's Nieuwegracht, a historic 17th-century gem, boasts a diverse past as a grand residence, orphanage, and Utrecht University's Molengraaff Institute for Private Law campus. This "country estate in the city" offers spacious meeting rooms, a peaceful garden, and a bar-restaurant, ideal for fostering creativity, idea exchange, and corporate events.

Faith Studio was commissioned to develop a modular identity system that both paid homage to the existing building and complemented the newly established warm and casual atmosphere of Quinton House.

This endeavour drew a connection between the building's external brickwork and the concept of synergy, where individual bricks, though functional on their own, combined to create something truly beautiful. In a similar vein, the spaces within Quinton House, while functional in isolation, came together under one roof to form a welcoming environment for people to meet, work, and collaborate.

This revelation served as the foundation for the identity system, where each space within the building was represented as a unique 'brick,' symbolising the metaphorical Quinton House that emerges when these 'bricks' are combined.


Typeset in Simula / Centra No.2 by Sharp Type
Design by Martin Duff

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